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With a creamy base that is pleasant to the touch and enriched with exfoliating spheres, this mask exfoliates both deeply and delicately. Lavender Essential Oil, with its astringent and relaxing properties, purifies the skin, giving it an immediate sensation of well-being. Impurities and dead cells disappear and the formation of blackheads and comedones is counteracted by a pure skin. Furthermore, thanks to the lightening effect, this mask makes skin radiant and soft to touch, with a uniform colour and healthy glow. The rich texture makes the impact with the skin pleasant and, upon completion of the treatment, there is no unpleasant tightening sensation. N.B. petrolum-free formul.

Active ingredients: Allantoin, Exfoliating Spheres, Equisetum Extract, Lavender Essential Oil, Organic Aluminium Salt.

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Size: 100 ml




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