About Us

Our Company

Totalcare is unique, we run an académie to train the next generation of therapists, we have a clinic where we use our tremendous experitse to help our clients with many different conditions, we sell cosmetics as well as distribute aesthetic equipment and cosmetics for retailers

We Don’t Do False

We are not into false anything! We don’t do false nails or false tan. We don’t needle or inject your skin with anything at all. We don’t use or recommend botox or fillers.

We Understand You

We understand that you own your precious body and you may not like certain aspects, that’s OK. No need for drama just knowledge, honesty, and the highest quality of products and treatments to keep you healthy, vibrant, and true to your natural beauty. 

We Promise Honesty

We promise we don’t over charge for treatments or pressure sell anything to you.
We give you a professional consultation and recommend what products or treatments you need to fix your concern. If we can help you we will be honest. We put you first at totalcare.

Meet Our Fantastic Team

Meet the fantastic team behind Totalcare! All working hard to keep Totalcare in the lead. 

Dympna Fitzgerald

Dympna Fitzgerald

CEO, Founder, International Trainer, Senior Therapist

Joanne Ryan

Joanne Ryan

Senior Therapist, Cosmetologist, Head of Sales & Customer Support

Ben Fitzgerald

Ben Fitzgerald

Director, Distribution Manager, Examination Co-Ordinator, & Cosmetologist

More About Our CEO & Founder – Dympna

Since 1983, Dympna Fitzgerald has devoted herself to treating Permanent Hair Removal and Aesthetic Care. We consequentially aim to help people regain the self-confidence lost with embarrassing conditions. Not only that but she has opened up Clinics, Training schools and our Distribution centre to help and teach others. Furthermore, she has now Académie Totalcare Ireland- the 1st school in Ireland using the Académie Dectro/ AEA curriculum.

Dympna has received the Dermal Papilla Award for her outstanding contribution to the advancement of Electrology profession on a Global Scale. Dympna is a person who has dedicated her professional life to the development of the electrolysis profession using her brilliant acumen, indent able personal touch and by her outstanding contribution to the development of the International Electrolysis Market.