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 Introducing M3: 8 in 1 Premium Tower

The smart, connected, feature packed device of the future

This machine has up to eight different modes which can do nine treatments. Firstly, you can choose from Cavitation Peeling, Diamond-Tip Microdermabrasion or Oxybrasion for cleaning/prepping the skin. Then for the actual treatment you can choose from Mesotherapy, Radiofrequency, Ultrasounds or Ultrasonic Liposuction. The latter can then be combined with a Dermomassager to give you the ultimate cellulite-busting treatment.

The Future is Here

The M3 is the system that works in IoT (Internet of Things). It means that M3 collects, send and act on the data acquired thanks to the Internet Connection. On top of that, we are able to constantly update your software, diagnose any problems and provide advanced statistics. Enjoy the connection with M3!

The Smaller M3 Compact: 7 Treatments in 1

The smart, connected, feature packed device of the future


Ultra-sound Liposuction

No-needle Mesotherapy


Cavitation Peeling


Diamond Microdermabrasion


Mesotherapy is a way of bringing ampoules into the skin without the need for needles. We have different ampoules to treat different conditions from Anti-Aging to Cellulite to Pigmentation to Lifting and so much more!

Radiofrequency is a pleasant heat treatment that builds up the collagen and elastin fibres in the
skin. This gives the skin a plumper and glowing complexion; in a completely natural way.

Oxybrasion is a concentrated airbrush of high quality Oxygen. This can be combined with either a Saline Solution or our Action De Gala Fortified Vitamin Complex, which helps to nourish, moisturise and re-balance the skin.

Ultrasounds uses positive polarity to draw the Action De Gala products deeper into the skin to give an effective anti-aging treatment.

Ultrasound Liposuction uses an alternating ultrasound current to break up stubborn lipidic cells; this is then combined with Infra-Red heat to melt the fat cells. Infra-Red can be used by itself as a topical analgesic treatment. People who suffer from muscle cramping/ sore backs. necks, etc. find a treatment as effective as being out in the sun- something we lack in Ireland!

Dermomassager is a vacuum used after the Ultrasound Liposuction to bring the melted fat to the lymph nodes which allows it to be excreted/ respired in the body’s natural way.

Cavitation Peeling– An ultrasound spatula that acts like a power-hose to the skin. It clears blocked pores, provides a deep clean and leaves the skin feeling fresh and smooth to the touch.

Diamond-Tip Microdermabrasion– Using a variety of different settings, we can gently remove the dead layer of cells from your epidermis. The diamond-tip heads are suitable for all skin types and there are different intensities for face and body.

Introducing the new, the novel. Introducing Nuximia


Nuximia – the first
SMART laser in the world

Introducing the new, the novel. Introducing Nuximia


Nuximia – the first
SMART laser in the world



What are the benefits of both machines?

  • VCSEL Technology uses an SLD light (hybrid between LED and LD). This increases the lifetime of the handpiece, increases the heat tolerance, reliability, and the results of the treatment.
  • Double Cooling System- never burn again.
  • Customisable Menu and Interface- With a 10 inch touchscreen you now have the freedom to customise everything about your interface from settings to colours and languages, the Nuximia has it all.
  • IoT connection allows for the machine to be repaired remotely and you always get the most up-to-date software. Best of all, it’s included in the price!

Apilux 3G: Superior Photoepilation

The Apilux 3G is the perfect device for photoepilation. More complete and more powerful than any other system on the market, the Apilux 3G offers quick, lasting and comfortable results

More from Apilux

We also sell the Apilux SmartPro and SmartPur, contact us if you would like more information on these.

Apilus, not to be confused with Apilux is the electrolysis option from the same manufacturer as Apilux so you can be sure you get the same quality and reliability.

Apilus xCell Pro

Apilus xCell sets a new standard in the field of 100% permanent hair removal by raising the efficiency, speed and comfort of its predecessors to a whole new level. Sophisticated design with touch screen personalized treatment programs and the unique 27.12 MHz radio frequency all add up to give you a perfect combination of usability and performance. The treatment is executed so rapidly that the sensation is barely noticable.

Innovation at your Fingertips

Apilus xCell comes with top-class software which allows you to customise the treatment to your client. Both the Apilus xCell Pro and Pur come with this. The xCell pro also comes with built-in Customised Client Files, Appointment Calendar, Medical Records, Easy Invoicing, Treatment Statistics and Prepaid Hair Removal Cards. Both versions are very intelligent and think for you! Simply select the gender of your client, the treatment area, the hair size and the probe used, and the Apilus xCell will suggest the adequate treatment parameters.

Apilus Junior 3G

The Apilus Junior 3G offers to the electrologist, in
exemplary simplicity of use, the popular Flash and Omni Blend techniques as well as efficient and gentle
treatments worthy of the Apilus brand. Undoubtedly, this introductory model will let
you perform quality permanent hair removal in the most convenient way

Apilus Senior 3G

The Apilus Senior 3G is the quickest, the most powerful and the most comfortable 13.56
MHz technology on the market. It integrates the exclusive IMM•Pac option and offers
more than 10 treatment modalities as well as 1080 programs, allowing to adapt to all situations. Its high performance and versatility makes it the most popular electrolysis device in the world

Specialised and Accurate Thermocoagulation and Removal of Skin Imperfections

More Accurate and Specialised than Ever

The Angie 13.56Mhz system offers beauty professionals all over the world the opportunity to perform more specialized and accurate thermocoagulation treatments than ever before. Of course, along with this device comes a high calibre training program designed to help aestheticians and electrologists reach perfection! In short, Angie 13.56Mhz, you can fix all of your clients’ minor skin imperfections.

Completely microprocessor-controlled for:

  • Telangiectasias – Broken capillaries
  • Vascular Imperfections – Spider veins
  • Milia and white heads
  • Skin tags
  • Certain raised pigmentation
  • Cataphoresis (post-treatment)
  • Permanent hair removal (24 permanent hair removal programs)
  • Simple to use
  • Meets international standards
  • Easy-care soft-touch keyboard