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Become a professional in hair removal

Photoepilation & Photorejuvenation

The complimentary technique to electrolysis and aesthetic treatments. Super safe and effective treatments!

Advanced Aesthetics

Delivering 21st century techniques for 21st century clientele.


Vegan and Natural Cosmetics with Face and Body Rituals. 


Be among the first in the world to be trained on the new Hyaluronic Acid waxing range


Broken Veins, Milia, Skintags, and so much more are gone in a zap! Improve your client’s skin condition by removing these anomalies/ imperfections safely and with little to no downtime!

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Photoepilation & photorejuvenation

Advanced Aesthetics

Electrolysis- Permanent Hair Removal

Masterclass (AD4001):
120 hours of Online Theory
Up to 80 hours Practical & Revision hours (including in-house examinations)
  1. Anatomy of the Hair
  2. Electroepilation Technique & Execution
  3. Thermolysis Modalities
  4. Electrolysis Modalities
  5. Blend Modalities
  6. Probes
  7. Consultation
  8. Therapist & Client Positioning
Electroclass Plus (AD4000):
160-180 hours of Online Theory
120 Practical & Revision hours (including in-house examinations)
  1. History of Electroepilation
  2. Human & Hair Anatomy
  3. The Skin & its Appendages
  4. Workplace Ethics
  5. Workstation
  6. Consultation
  7. Hygiene
  8. Electroepilation Technique & Execution
  9. Thermolysis Modalities
  10. Electrolysis Modalities
  11. Blend Modalities
  12. Probes
  13. Therapist & Client Positioning
  14. Introduction to Modern Marketing
  15. Starting your Business
Am I cut out for this?
  • I am meticulous

  • I have good eyesight

  • I am in a good physical condition

  • I am resourceful and self-sufficient

  • I enjoy direct contact with others

  • I like to have a well-groomed appearance

Skills to be developed

  • Treatment planning and execution of various electrolysis techniques
  • Manual and digital dexterity
  • Psychology and professional ethics within the workplace
  • Pride in a job well done
  • Professional approach
  • Confidence

Photoepilation & Photorejuvenation

AD4004 (Epilation), AD4005 (Rejuvenation), AD4007 (Both)

Course Outline

  • The history of IPL & Laser
  • Principles of light and its effects on skin and hair
  • Skin &
  • Skin Phototypes
  • Contraindications
  • Workstation, asepsis, hygiene
  • Consultation
  • Setting the parameters and performing the treatment
  • Post-treatment care
  • Professional ethics
  • Device maintenance

Why this course?

Do you have a fascination with beauty and the beauty industry? If so, then the Photoepilation and/or Photorejuventation course(s) from Académie Totalcare are perfect for you!  The programs are a comprehensive training course that covers the fundamental concepts Advanced and Intense Pulsed Light as well as Diode and VCSEL Lasers. Photoepilation is a complementary technique to electrolysis. It allows for the removal of unwanted hair for large regions of the body that result in a reduction in hair growth of up to 80%. This specialized program has been designed for Electrologists and Aestheticians who wish to offer additional services to their customers. This program covers all aspects of photoepilation techniques, including both theoretical and practical applications. Photorejuvenation is an upscale beauty treatment that uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to heat tissues in order to rejuvenate the look of the face and reduce skin’s imperfections (wrinkles, vascular, pigment spots, acne). It naturally promotes the process of cellular regeneration and stimulates the formation of new collagen and elastin fibers. These specialisations are aimed at professionals who wish to offer additional service to their customers, providing an undeniable competitive advantage.
This program structure is taught to small groups, which will allow you to acquire added experience working on the various parts of the body and help you to build confidence in your work. This course is specifically designed to meet the demands of the public, the most demanding employers, and for anyone who wishes to become a true professional within this field. Our instructor will constantly supervise and guide your progress throughout the program by correcting and improving your practical techniques, to ensure that you receive the most skilled and qualified training possible. All topics are covered in great detail with the help of specialized learning materials that are provided throughout your training.
Am I cut out for this?
  • I care about the well-being of others.
  • I like to be in direct contact with people.
  • I am a resourceful and independent person.
  • I like to have a well-groomed appearance.

Practical Modules (For All Courses)

  1. Consultation
  2. Skin Examination & Anomalies
  3. Pre-Treatment
  4. Treatment
  5. Post-Treatment
  6. Post-Treatment Recommendations
  7. Data Update on Client Files
  8. Cleaning, Disinfection, and Sterilisation

Advanced Aesthetics- M3 Face & Body Device

Course Outline

  1. Radiofrequency 
  2. No-Needle Mesotherapy
  3. Ultrasounds
  4. Cavitation Peeling
  5. Ultrasound Liposuction
  6. Infrared
  7. Oxygen Peeling (Saline, Vitamin Complex, Collagen)
  8. Diamond-Tip Microdermabrasion
  9. Dermomassage for Lymphatic Drainage

Why this course?

This course equips a salon to be fully competent at sales, treatment and course treatments application, aftercare, and client management for all modalities that the M3 device provides. The modules will be taught in correlation with the modalities on your device (Matrix has 2-8 modules, Compact has 8 modules, or Premium Tower has 9 modules). On completion of this course, students will have the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to competently and autonomously deliver first-class services to their clientele.


Course Outline

  • Skin, Anatomy, and Physiology
  • Skin Diagnosis
  • Cosmetology I and II
  • Sales, Scenarios, and In-Depth Product Knowledge

Why this course?

This Cosemtology promgramme is ideal for anyone who wants to counsel or advise customers on the specifics of cosmetic products, and may or may not wish to perform the treatments on the clients. The training within this programme is focused primarily on the diagnosis of the skin as well as learning all aspects of cosmetic products: their fabrication, composition, and application; so that students are expertly prepared to effectively advise current and future clientele on the best regime for them. Full theoretical resources are provided with this course to best help students become better cosmetologists, sales people, and/or therapists with comprehensive knowledge.


Once the theory elements are completed, students are required to complete practical training which can be conducted synchronously online or through hands-on training in-person. During the practical they must use the knowledge they have compiled online and put it into practice while developing the skills and attitudes to exceed standard competencies. Totalcare uses Action de Gala (registered by Health Canada), Verdeoasi Milano, and/or Dr. Kraut Milano ranges in our training for live model practice sessions and evaluations.


Upon completion of this course, the learning outcomes students should be able to meet are:

  • Examine a client’s skin.
  • Recommend suitable cosmetic products while understanding cosmetic applications & ingredients.
  • Characterise, understand, and display a professional approach to the workplace and client interactions.
  • Display confidence in selling and customer interactions.
  • Apply leadership & counseling skills.
  • Actively engage in adventures and always be on the lookout for novelties.
  • Resourceful and self-sufficient.

Advanced Cosmetic Training Options

(Not Diplomas but fully Certified)

  • Verdeoasi Milano 2 Day Product & Ritual Training
  • Dr. Kraut Treatment & Technical Training
  • Action de Gala 1 Day Applications Training
  • Conversion Training (All ranges)

All the 3 above advanced cosmetic training options are partly or fully redeemable against opening product orders.



Conversion Course

Course Outline

  • Conversion to all Arcocere professional waxing using strip, hot, sugar, film, and roller waxes.
  • Facial, Underarm, Bikini, Arm, and Leg waxing
  • Model Required
  • Prerequisite: Basic waxing qualification recognised in Ireland (ITEC, CIBTAC, VTCT, ABT, etc.)

Intimate & Advanced Waxing Training

Course Outline

  • For experienced therapists who want to learn the latest, most comfortable technique of intimate waxing, and to master the art of the ever sought after Hollywood and Brazilian wax!
  • Prerequisite: Basic waxing qualification recognised in Ireland (ITEC, CIBTAC, VTCT, ABT, etc.)
  • Prerequisite: Must have some experience with Arcocere and/or Hot Wax
  • Covers bikini, brazilian, hollywood, and playboy waxing using Arcocere strip & hot wax; face, nostril, ear, underarm & leg waxing using Arcocere Roller, Sugar, and/or Hot Wax*.
  • *Model is required or 2 therapists that agree, in advance of the course, to work on each other and to get all the above treatments done.

Why this course?

Arcocere professional waxing is different through innovation, quality, choice, and flexibility. Arcocere are one of the only brands that specialise in creating innovative types of wax, including the strip, roller, film, and sugaring Hyaluronic Acid ranges. We also cover how to use water soluble and biodegradable waxes for those looking to enter niche markets and really specialse in waxing. Since the wax is produced in a small, family-run factory on the outskirts of Milan, each abtch is tested by chemists to ensure that your waxing products will be of the best quality. With over 20 different types of wax as well as a diverse range of pre-post and hair retarding products, students will have the knowledge and skills required to have a superb waxing business. Plus there is no minimum order when ordering Arcocere wax, but there are also incredible bulk discounts for those who wish to avail of them – allowing the salon to tailor the best solution for them.

Advanced Thermocoagulation

Programme Description

  • Anatomy and Physiology I – The Circulatory System
  • Anatomy and Physiology II- The Lymphatic System
  • Anomalies- Vascular, Pigmented, Raised, Keratosis Pilaris, Limits of the Profession
  • Consultation- Health check, Contraindications, Pre-Treatment, Skin Examination, Consent & Explanation, Post Treatment Effects & Advice
  • Execution- Treatment Modalities, Application Techniques, Parameters & Specific Device Adjustments, Required Material.
  • Practical- Case Studies, Consultation, All Online Material, Data Update in Client Records, Cleaning, Disinfection, and Sterilisation.
  • Prerequisite: Facial Electrics in Beauty Therapy and/or Nursing and/or Medical Degree required.

Why this course?

Thermocoagulation is a specialised treatment using high frequency current to remove skin vascular imperfections such as spider veins, birthmarks, cherry spots, etc.
This course is perfect for the professional who wishes to expand their business by providing an additional service to their clientele. This course covers all aspects of thermocoagulation techniques, including both theoretical and practical applications. This course undeniably gives your career a professional advantage and increased revenue & profit.



Thermocoagulation & Skin Imperfections