Hydrating Floral Mist Water- Verdeoasi

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Floral Mist Water Hydrating & Refreshing

This synergising product refreshes and soothes the skin while it relaxes body and mind thanks to the gentle floral note. Use it after showers, sports, and sunbathing, to instantly recover freshness and well-being. It leaves the skin pleasantly soft, fresh and naturally perfumed.

How to use: spray all over the body every time you need a boost of freshness. Avoid eye contact.

Functional ingredients: Orange Blossom Water – revitalizing, Witch Hazel Water – astringent, Mint Water – refreshing, Chamomile Water – soothing, Rose Water – softening, Hyaluronic Acid – hydrating.

Dermatologically tested.

Product Code: VO999




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